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Since 1995, Potomac Media has generated millions of dollars in net revenue for dozens of magazines, web sites, scholarly journals, conferences and trade shows. We have considerable experience selling advertising and exhibition space to companies and organizations in a number of diverse industries and professions. We currently provide sales management services for the following clients:

International Foundation for Election Systems

We manage all print advertising sales for their annual IFES Buyer's Guide and web site.

National District Attorneys Association

We provide full-scale advertising sales management for their bimonthly publication The Prosecutor magazine, their annual NDAA National Directory of Prosecuting Attorneys and exhibit sales management for their annual summer conference.

PRIMO Magazine

We provide turnkey management of all departments for this bimonthly national consumer publication.


A bi-monthly magazine, weekly e-newsletter and active web site, with frequent public events and roundtable activities, to fulfill a mission in reporting the issues and topics of concern to the presidents and CEOs of businesses based in Texas.

The Tailhook Association

We provide full-scale advertising sales management selling print advertising for their quarterly publication The Hook magazine and their annual Reunion and Symposium Convention Program.



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